Log Room

Seats 80-90

Share in the tradition of dining beneath the Log Room’s hallmark feature: its old-fashioned, log ceiling and rafters. Guests seated in the Log Room love the spaciousness of the high ceiling, while still basking in the coziness of a stone fireplace and warm terracotta walls. With earthy décor and three quaint windows providing a view of the lush outdoor greenery, our guests can relax in a room that pays homage to both nature and class.


Seats 8

A charming offshoot of the Log Room, the Alcove is a favorite private dining spot. Small groups—families and friends—love requesting this table for a more personal, secluded dining experience.

Enclosed in a quiet section with lattice windows and an ornate, stained glass door, this room is perfect for sharing good conversation and making meaningful memories, uninterrupted by the comings and goings of other restaurant patrons.  Many associate the Alcove at Tuscany with lasting family traditions. Start your traditions today.